5 Crucial Elements of an Effective Web Design

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February 9, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

Every web designer might have his own personal preferences when he is going to build a website. The strategies to execute the designing techniques can be tailored as per the design requirement but still, there are a few elements that remain constant and should be added carefully in every web design.

Today we are going to shed light upon some of the significant key features which are considered as crucial elements for an effective web design along with the tips to use them appropriately in order to construct a functional yet aesthetically pleasing web design. By prioritizing these elements, you will be able to construct a great website as per the modern design principles.

Space: If you think that filling every inch of your website will add more value to the web design then you are definitely wrong-headed. Let us tell you that space is equally important in a website design as a content and image would be. In fact, space acts as a design tool that helps you maintain a subtle flow and readability.

How to Use: Use your spacing to establish a flow and harmony between your website elements. Once you are done with content think about the spacing to construct a harmonious layout, this will help each and every button and word stand out even more.

Easy Navigation: No matter which genre of the website you are working on, there is never a need to make your navigation complicated. A visitor should know where they are on a website thus there is no need to confuse them with overwhelming navigational menus. Keep it as simple as possible, keep in mind that the functionality should be your paramount goal while designing your website’s navigation.

How to use: Keep the average user’s psychology in mind it will make your work easier. A user will be needing easy to spot navigation button along with the easy way to go back “Home” button.

Contact Information: Contact information usually appears in the header or as a contact us page. Either option will work well as long as you have kept it visible. It is important to realize that contact information helps to build your website credibility and legitimacy.

How to use: To keep your contact information easy to find and visible, place it in the header or footer. In addition, you can also consider having a contact form to acquire your visitor’s information.

Search Bar: Most of the time visitors are not willing to go through each and every page of your website only to find one desired item. Provided that, they always look for a search bar instead of wandering around. If you have not added a search bar for such users, they will be ended up leaving your website without giving a second thought.

How to Use: A simple search bar at the top of the right corner is good enough to facilitate users. To emphasize, the top right corner is the most preferred spot to place your search box as a majority of visitors look for it there.

Footer: An informational and thoughtfully designed footer is indeed a great way to get connected with your visitors. This is the place where you can add the maximum information all in one place so that if anything goes unnoticed in the eyes of a visitor, he will be able to find it here.

How to Use: Keep your footer simple and easy to use and opt for a minimalist approach to design it. Here you can also accommodate some elements for which you were unable to find a logical explanation in the design scheme.

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