5 Habits You Should Adopt To Boost Your Creativity

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July 28, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor

“Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.” – Nicholas Negroponte

Working on new ideas that are creatively demanding requires a great amount of mindfulness and attention to detail to create something that is unique as well as purposeful. However, what many creatives experience is opposite to the described definition. In fact, when asked about where and when do they get their best ideas from? Ironically none of them believed that it was while sitting on their office desk in front of the computer trying to solve that problem.

As a person who is actively involved in designing and creative work, it is necessary that you polish your creative skills to avoid an unnecessary wastage of time. Here are some five habits to help you get started.

1. Rise & Shine

Setting up a morning routine can make you active and set the right track for all of your day’s activity especially if you wake up early. An early start to the day allows you to be more productive and perform routine tasks with a fresh mind. Additionally, getting a good night sleep improves your ability to perform cognitive tasks where your brain tends to be more alert and attentive.

2. Exercise

Creativity is stalled when the brain gets used to the normal daily mundane activities. By exercising, you re-charge your brain activity which is caused due to the rapid inflow of blood leading to more energy and oxygen. Hence, the performance gets better and helps to foster more creative ideas. With a regular exercise routine, a person’s thinking skills are improved, indirectly reducing stress and anxiety. Furthermore, exercising induces the growth of new blood vessels and brain cells that improve a person’s memory.

3. Take Breaks

One of the rules to stimulate creativity is by working smart not hard. Sure, working continuously with dedication is a great way to accomplish your tasks but can impact your creative process. Without a break, a person is more likely to experience a greater level of stress and tiredness that directly impacts their ability to think and make a rational decision.

Regardless of work pressure, take out some time for yourself to relax, procrastinate, enjoy by either listening to music or taking a walk in the park. Anything that can help to lighten up your mood will automatically boost your creativity.

4. Brainstorm

Schedule sessions where designers can come together to discuss and work on ideas. ‘Two heads are better than one’; when a problem is addressed collectively as a team, new and innovative ideas are generated leading to quicker and efficient results.

A multi-cultured team with members belonging to different ethnicities, race and lifestyle each with their unique experiences and perceptions add an interesting aspect to the overall design problem. Hence, such an interaction can be healthy for creative thinking and drive the person to look at things out of the established patterns.

5. Test Out Your Bad Ideas

You may think your idea is bad enough to create a disaster but then that is just your opinion. An untested idea contains hidden treasures and secrets that you may not even know existed. Make a list of all the bad ideas you have had for a logo design, website design, branding or anything and asked for feedback from your peers. During the discussion of that idea, you will along the way find yourself uncovering newer unidentified layers to the problem that you can choose to either enhance or improve.

Even though strategic thinking cannot be forced upon, certain practices can be adopted to have clarity of your project vision and objectives. It is like piercing through the mundane to discover something marvelous.






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