5 Key Elements of a Great Logo Design

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February 14, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

“McDonald’s”, “Coca-Cola”, “Instagram”

We are pretty sure that the very first thing that must have popped up in your mind by reading these names above is the Logo of each company. This is exactly the purpose which a logo is supposed to serve; to call the brand image immediately in your mind. Not to mention, a logo is a first and most significant impression that you leave on your audience.

Keeping the significance of a logo design in mind, you cannot rely on a logo which is designed loosely without a well-defined design strategy. Your design process must make sure that the logo is apt enough to make your business recognizable at the first glance. At the same time, it should be able to build trust, loyalty, and admiration among the vast audiences.

To begin with, a good and effective logo is practical, apposite and simple in form. Most importantly, it is able to convey the exact message what your client has described in his brief. Here are the few important points that if you keep in mind while designing a logo you will definitely be able to craft a great one.

Keep it Simple:

Untitled design

As an illustration, have a look at these two images. Which Apple’s logo is more likely to get stick in your mind? Definitely the New one. This explains it all. The simplicity of the new Apple’s logo makes it one of the most iconic logos ever existed. To put it differently, a simple logo is easily recognizable while a complex design is difficult to relate.

Keep it Memorable:


“Memorability” is another crucial element of an effective logo design. The simplistic yet distinctive design approach can help to bring an effective and memorable logo design in existence. Take the example of McDonald’s logo; it may seem quite simple as if anybody could come up with the design idea like this. However, in reality, its minimalistic approach is exactly what makes it one of the most memorable logos in the world.

Keep it Timeless:


If you are planning to make your logo design too trendy, you would possibly be ended up getting it redesigned in the next few years. When it comes to design an effective logo, you should rather go for longevity instead of fads and short-term design trends. At the same time, you should keep it based on modern design aesthetics to communicate with your target audience.

Keep it Versatile:


If your logo looks classy on your website but gross on your printed brochure it is definitely not a versatile one. You should not design your logo for a single specific medium. Keep in mind what other devices it could be used on, only then you will be able to design a digitally appropriate and versatile logo. Especially, if your logo is going to be used as a profile picture or a social media icon then the font should be kept legible as it is going to get scaled down.

Keep it Appropriate:

Think about your niche and target market before laying out your design strategy. Choose your color, fonts and other significant design elements on the basis of your target market and their preferences. An effective logo speaks to the audience effectively. In other words, the carefully melded design elements of an appropriate logo can effortlessly convey the brand message and ultimately becomes a strong part of brand identity.

To end with, the logo might seem mere symbols to many but if these symbols are designed by keeping these 5 crucial points in mind that we have discussed above, they become the most effective logos that can communicate with everyone regardless their language and IQ. As Karl Lagerfeld once said “Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs.” 



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