5 Things Businesses Should Stop Doing on Their Social Media

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January 24, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

In the present era, social media is considered as the ideal spot to implement your marketing strategies. From last decade, it has become a crucial medium to get your target audience involved with your brand. Although on social media your message is meant to be delivered in a lighter way, still you should be careful about the things which people loathe to see on a brand’s social media. Following are some points which a brand should be careful about.

Stop Using Gazillion Hashtags:

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Hashtags play an important part in your social media marketing campaign by making your content discoverable. Having said that using too many of them could impose adverse effects on your brand image. Be very cautious about the number of hashtags. Don’t go overboard with your hashtags or else your status might end up looking spammy.

Stay focused on quality instead of quantity. Use relevant hashtags that can fetch you required traffic which you can direct toward your website. 2 or 3 quality and trending hashtags are enough for your facebook status although for Twitter and Instagram you can use comparatively more, still, they should be less than your words.

Don’t Get Involved in Every Trend:

Social media is the place from where trends get emerged, go viral and then they simply die after a short span of time.  Realizing the power of trends and memes most of the brands have joined the bandwagon of meme-sharing. However, it is not always necessary to appear in-the-know. Irrelevant or indecent memes might bring you a lot of likes and shares, still, they can have an adverse effect on your brand’s credibility.

You must take a moment to evaluate if this trend is safe and suitable for your business? First and foremost, analyze the meme either it is going to cause any advantage to your brand. Make sure the trend will not evoke any sort of controversy for your brand and is totally harmless.

Less Responsive Approach:

social-media-backlashThe marketing of your business could also be done by the mainstream methods. So, why do you need to be on social media or what so is unique about being on it? The answer is one of the unique features of social media i.e. “responsiveness”. The two-way communication feature makes social media superior to traditional media. Here you get instantaneous feedback about your postings, in response, you can revert back and leave a direct reply or some tailor-made post for your followers. In contrast, if you believe in old communication methods and prefer to be less responsive to your audience, then your presence on social media is not going to do any favor to your brand.

Be as responsive and empathetic as possible to those who are expecting an instant reply from you. Take time to get in touch with them Instead of relying only on automated replies. This will help in building a robust relationship with your online audience.

Running Sponsored Post for a Longer Period:

Sponsored posts and advertisement are indeed great tactics to bring a hefty amount of followers/fans to your social media.  Still, you should not be running same old monotonous sponsored posts for a heck longer period of time.

Keep altering your posts after a specific period so that those who have already liked your page and post are not seeing the same one again and again.

Single Message for Multiple Platforms:


Traits of social media audience vary from platform to platform so avoid using the same post and status for each platform. The post that you have designed for Facebook might look completely odd when posted on Instagram. The tweet that has just gone viral on twitter might not be appropriate for Facebook’s news feed. Always consider if your posts require any alteration for a specific platform, if yes then do make it as per the need. Moreover, do not forget to insert your logo into each visual, as logo design helps to increase your recognition and leaves a lasting impression.




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