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July 19, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor

For any company that wants to build a profitable business by attracting customers through online platforms, a website plays a significant role in the process. Even when you are not designing a website for business purposes, it is necessary to take care of certain elements to ensure that any of your target audience, end user or visitor does not encounter any trouble while navigating your site.

A website should be designed in a way that it delivers a complete brand experience. We list down top 5 things that most sites make the mistake of skipping. Go through our list and see if any of these elements are missing from your website and rectify immediately.

1. Social Media Links

Social media has become the most popular and easiest form of communication. With the recent announcement from Facebook that over 2 Billion people log in daily to use their website, it would be ludicrous not to tap into this medium to reach out to a wider audience.[/vc_column_text]


By using an easy to use social integration tool, websites can easily add this feature to share a message to their social circle quickly.

2. Clear Call to Action Buttons

As soon as you get a visitor to your website, it should be captivated to perform a relevant action. It can be a “Call Us Now” button or a “Sign-Up” form for a free service trial, asking the user to act immediately.


It must ensure that these buttons have the right aesthetic appeal and pop up at the right time without annoying the end-user.

3. Responsive Web Design

The use of smart phone and tablets has rapidly increased since 2012. Marketers and companies are now paying close attention to this platform where 58% of companies have a core mobile marketing team.


In such circumstances, a responsive web design is critical to developing if businesses wish to gain profitable customers. A mobile-friendly site can allow you to compete with your competitors and give your business the boost to stay ahead.

4. Email Marketing Sign Up

Email marketing campaign may seem like an outdated method to stay in touch with your customers, but in fact, it can create wonders for your business if used correctly.


Placing an email subscription form can allow you to break through the clutter of promoting your services to an audience with revenue generating results.

5. Testimonials

Word of mouth advertising is the most credible means of promoting your business. A section on your website containing remarks and comments of the customers you have previously served can instantly gain the customer trust.


The customer testimonials is a way of gaining your site visitor trust by exhibiting a good track record of your past performance. Make sure to highlight these reviews on your website somewhere near your services section to achieve effective results.


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