6 Crucial Tips to Keep Your Website Alive

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February 1, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

You have designed a good website which looks promising and launches with much fanfare but after sometimes it fails to achieve its expected potential. You wonder how did this happen? Well, this is due to the fact that it has been left untouched for quite long thus ultimately ended up undergoing several technical deformities. If the same is happening to your website too it means it is asking for your attention.

There are a plethora of reasons to justify why should you take the time out of your busy schedule to revive your neglected website. Put simply, your potential customers visit your website and there you have got nothing appealing to entertain them but the stale content and outdated features. Keep the fact in mind that your website is your first impression, no matter what wonders you have been doing in your business and how many awards you have won if you haven’t put all this on your website then it is still unheard and hidden from a large fraction of your potential customers.

Mark Updates in your Calendar:

Reminders-Export_800x500You should never ever miss out on the crucial updates required to keep your website alive and active. The update can be a weekly blog post, a page review or any other technical evaluation. Add these updates to your task list otherwise, your busy schedule would end up taking a toll on your website performance.

Keep others Involved:

There is no need to take the whole sole responsibility on your shoulders, you are not the only one who is accountable for a website’s performance. Keep sharing the load of the website by involving others to keep it alive. For instance, you can get outsiders to write guest blogs for you and sometimes even clients might be held answerable for not providing the required detail to put on the website.

Integrate Social Media on Your Website:

social-integration_800x500If you have maintained several social media platforms to promote your business and you are quite active on them then you should definitely get your social media integrated with your website without any further ado. This is undoubtedly a great way to fetch a massive traffic to your site as social media and your website work perfectly together to promote your business. Thereupon, you will be killing two birds with one stone as the fresh content from your social media will be automatically getting updated on your website.

Test on New Browsers:

Keep testing your website with newly launched browsers and devices, even if you are sure that your website is all updated and responsive, still you must not be taking any chance with the testing. Your friend gets a new tablet just borrow it to see if all the features work properly on this new device or not. A new web browser comes out, test your site on it. Even so, you should not leave your website untested on a new Smart TV that can browse the web.

Check your forms:

narrow_form_800x500Forms are considered as the most important feature in your website design as they are supposed to generate leads for your business. They are the primary way through which your website visitors will be providing you their vital information. Keep in mind that forms often stop working for a variety of reasons, therefore, keep checking your form to be ensured that they are all nice and working so that your business does not get affected by a non-functional web form.

Update your Content:

content_800x500Your business might be thriving but since you are too busy to achieve your business goals you simply don’t get the time to reflect your performance on your site. Let’s suppose a potential customer visits your website to check out your staff information or newly published news feed or a blog but all he could find there was: one-year-old news item, poorly managed blog posts and completely outdated staff information. The stale content could be a huge turn off for the visitor which not only distorts the visitor’s perception of your business but also affects your credibility.

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