8 Common Mistakes Made by The Non Designers

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February 20, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

Given the traits of present and forthcoming generations, it has been realized that future communication is going to be mainly visual. Long gone are the days when businesses used to rely on ridiculously expensive and time-bound television and magazine ads, with every single day passing the traditional ways of marketing are getting obsolete. The rise of online marketing has completely changed the dynamics of advertising. Now everyone who wants to promote their business has embraced the importance of having a website.

The problem is that now everyone with little or no design literacy has started cutting the corner to create a low budget website. As a side effect, the web has now been filled with a hefty amount of poorly designed subpar websites. The inundated visuals not only annoy the professional graphic designers but also seems to acquire poor ranking on search engines. Being on the ball, only professionals know how to design a visually appealing and striking website that could fetch you the desired results. Following are the few most common design mistakes that are committed by non-designers and newbie visual artists in web design.

Mismatching Fonts:


Non-designers with the lack of design knowledge tend to overdo the text by using too many irrelevant and mismatched fonts. This tends to present the message in a disorganized and unprofessional manner.

Bad Kerning:


The spacing between the letters is called kerning. Most non-designers won’t pay attention to this detail which consequently leaves the words badly spaced. Bad spacing disturbs the readability of your text. Keep in mind that viewers loathe reading lines that are poorly spaced.

Wrong Color Selection:


Choosing the color scheme is one of the most important design decisions you make for your website. In other words, it is the make-or-break feature of your web design. Most novice and non-designers are unaware of the color psychology and impact colors create upon your visitors. Hence, they ended up making the wrong color decisions which make your design looks dead as a dodo.

Lack of White Space:

Source: https://visme.co/blog/graphic-design-rules/

The moment you see a website where negative space is barely there, you instantly assume that this design could not be the work of a professional. Not to mention that non-designers are totally unaware of the concept of negative space in web design. Hence, they have a tendency to fill every inch with the content so their website won’t look empty.

Arbitrarily Placed Elements:


Poorly aligned web elements is a clear sign of non-designers. Amateurs and non-designers won’t pay attention to the proper alignment of web elements and place them here and there randomly.

Ineffective Contrast:

Another common problem that is associated with a non-professionally done website is an inadequate use of contrast. Non-designers don’t know how to create effective color contrast within the design, as a result, they ended up picking colors that happen to create a skimpy and visually futile contrast when combined together.

Hard to Read Text:

The design should not be merely aesthetically appealing but it should also be able to communicate the desired message in an effective manner. To put it differently, your text should not only meet the design goals but it should also be readable, else ways your entire design effort will be doomed.

Too Many Words:


Adding too much to your design could make it look visually awkward and unappealing at the same time. People are drawn towards the web design which is created to communicate the message with the help of attractive visuals. Non-designers often insert too many words in design, although, your website is supposed to be primarily visual.


In brief, be it a non-designer, a novice or an experienced professional, all of them should steer clear of the web design mistakes that we have discussed above. All things considered, it is highly recommended to always consult a professional instead experimenting with your website which is going to be the center spot for your business and brand identity.  

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