The Best Times to Post on Social Media

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0 Comments March 14, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
Accurate and timely social media postings can help you reach the broader possible audience on social media. Bookmark this blog to have a handy information of best times on which you should post on various social media platforms. We are pretty sure that  if you follow the posting schedule religiously, you will discern a visible hike on your posts reach P.S: Remember, through an Continue Reading

When should you get your logo redesigned?

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0 Comments March 5, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
A strong and effective logo can have a drastic impact on your business. Being the face of your brand a logo gets your business recognized globally as well as helps to build your brand identity. To put it differently, logo plays a key role in your brand persona. Not to mention, the logo is the recognition ... Continue Reading

How to Create Engaging Social Media Content

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0 Comments February 23, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
The boom of social media over the past decade has completely changed the dynamics of marketing. As an estimate, in 2018 there will be over 2.67 billion social media accounts users around the world and the number of social media accounts will be even more. It is about time for you to realize that if you are not utilizing the social media to market your business then you are definitely missing ou... Continue Reading

8 Common Mistakes Made by The Non Designers

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0 Comments February 20, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
Given the traits of present and forthcoming generations, it has been realized that future communication is going to be mainly visual. Long gone are the days when businesses used to rely on ridiculously expensive and time-bound television and magazine ads, with every single day passing the traditional ways of marketing are getting obsolete. The rise of online marketing has completely changed the dy... Continue Reading

Step By Step Logo Design Process

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0 Comments February 16, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
An effective and appropriate logo design does wonders for a brand while a bad one can cause a lot of damage to the brand’s identity. The logo might seem really small and easy-to-make as if the entire designing process would have been an easy task for the designer. However, the reality is quite different. A good logo takes a lot of creativ... Continue Reading

5 Key Elements of a Great Logo Design

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0 Comments February 14, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
“McDonald's”, “Coca-Cola”, "Instagram" We are pretty sure that the very first thing that must have popped up in your mind by reading these names above is the Logo of each company. This is exactly the purpose which a logo is supposed to serve; to call the brand image immediately in your mind. Not to mention, a logo is a first and most significant impression that you leave on your audienc... Continue Reading

5 Crucial Elements of an Effective Web Design

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0 Comments February 9, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
Every web designer might have his own personal preferences when he is going to build a website. The strategies to execute the designing techniques can be tailored as per the design requirement but still, there are a few elements that remain constant and should be added carefully in every web design. Today we are goi... Continue Reading

Top 7 Things that Search Engines Hate

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0 Comments February 6, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
Imagine you have entered a website which looks aesthetically pleasing, the thought out fonts, eye-catching images and overall carefully crafted web design is presenting it as a virtual wonder. But then comes the reality check, what if your search engine is not interested in this arts and crafts and gimmicky designs? To begin with, the... Continue Reading

6 Crucial Tips to Keep Your Website Alive

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0 Comments February 1, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
You have designed a good website which looks promising and launches with much fanfare but after sometimes it fails to achieve its expected potential. You wonder how did this happen? Well, this is due to the fact that it has been left untouched for quite long thus ultimately ended up undergoing several technical deformities. If the same is happening to your website too it means it is asking for you... Continue Reading

5 Things Businesses Should Stop Doing on Their Social Media

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0 Comments January 24, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor
In the present era, social media is considered as the ideal spot to implement your marketing strategies. From last decade, it has become a crucial medium to get your target audience involved with your brand. Although on social media your message is meant to be delivered in a lighter way, still you should be careful about the things which people loathe to see on a brand’s social media. Following ... Continue Reading

How to Use Your Website to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Customers

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0 Comments September 22, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor
We all have heard the phrase that “the first impression is the last impression” and certainly it holds true for many situations that we encounter in our daily lives. When we talk in terms of business, there are many ways of engaging the customer with your service offerings. A few years ago the customer-business interaction occurred mostly physically (face to face). However, with the emergen... Continue Reading

Why do Most Businesses Fail?

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0 Comments September 15, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor
 There is no definite answer as to why businesses fail. It can be due to a failed strategy that your company did not plan through to survive in the long run; it can be due to your continued ignorance of your customer’s concerns or just because of your lack of management of your resources. While some mistakes are unavoidable, there are some human caused blunders that can severel... Continue Reading

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