How To Figure Out Your Brand Style Is?

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July 18, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor

The process of branding involves a number of steps that companies must ponder over to understand the kind of personality their brand showcases. From the minutest details to big visible features, a brand is a company representative that carries a personality of its own. It is for this reason that a brand will be perceived differently according to the image it carries. If the brand is likable or not, if it is easily adaptable to changing trends or not and whether it is competent (reliable) to deliver what it promises.

Hence, marketers should spend a significant amount of time in understanding the true essence of their brand. Here in this blog, we will highlight some of the methods that can help companies to figure out their original branding style.

What do you offer?

A business revolves around the kind of service/product it offers. Based on that, the business can mold an image of their brand according to their attributes and the audience it targets. For example, for a cosmetics brand, the image that will be portrayed will comprise of soft and subtle look with the use of pastel colors. Likewise, a brand for an energy drink will make use of bright and bold colors like red, blue and black to symbolize energy and power. The brand style is closely related to the kind of perception your end-user will form when they first interact with your brand.

What makes you unique?

It is no secret that what you offer as a company to your customers may already exist in the market and may even be better than your offerings. This is where your brand personality will come into play. Your product with its distinct feature will hold a unique value proposition that can be used to convince the users about the brand’s favorability and usability. In other words, you should be able to provide an answer to the following questions:

  1. What kind of benefits do you offer to the people?
  2. Who are those people?
  3. How will your brand solve their problems?
  4. What makes you different from the other brands?

What is your Brand message?

For a brand to resonate well with its target audience, it must deliver a powerful message that can convince the buyers about the product credibility. It should be relatable, easy to understand and have all the elements necessary to induce a desirable action from the consumers. A consumer-centric message will be able to generate more effective results and penetrate the market quicker. The brand message can be conveyed in various ways; it can be through a corporate logo design, a website design or social branding.

There are different approaches to determining the style and aura that your brand carries. It can be through extensive brainstorming sessions, rigorous market survey and customer evaluation or simply by imagining your brand as a person with characteristics to give it a real look and feel. Regardless of the method used, it is important to note that brand personalities are an essential aspect that businesses must focus upon to drive customers to their product/service. The more the brand can connect with its user, the more value it can generate and lead to greater business revenues.


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