When should you get your logo redesigned?

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March 5, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

A strong and effective logo can have a drastic impact on your business. Being the face of your brand a logo gets your business recognized globally as well as helps to build your brand identity. To put it differently, logo plays a key role in your brand persona. Not to mention, the logo is the recognition of your brand and ideology, still sometimes change become crucial to give a contemporary touch to your brand image.

Given the fact that the logo that you designed in 1985 will not be as efficient in 2018 as it was before, therefore you need to get it restyled. At the same time, you dread to lose your identity if you get an extreme redesign. Not to worry, as with certain tweaks and pinches you would be able to get it adjusted to keep up with the shifts taking place in the branding and design world.

If your logo has not been given any attention in a long time, then the following points will help to make you realize when it is the right time to go for a logo redesign.


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The first thing that you should consider is when did your logo get first designed and when did it get retouched last time? Keep the age of your logo in mind and select a time after which it has to be retouched. Keep the famous logo examples in mind, for instance, coca cola make changes in its logo almost every year but their brand identity and basic elements remain intact, in fact, the changes in their logo are barely recognizable still, they manage to keep their logo up to the mark by making a few alterations here and there.


imageAnalyze the performance of your logo; whether it is competent enough to convert well on the online platforms such as Facebook and website. If not, then consider a logo redesign right away. Another point that you must take into consideration is where your logo is going to be seen. Will it be only on your website or do you want it printed on your stationery, apparel, letterheads or cardboards? Get a logo redesigned to make it appropriate and suitable for the multiple needs instead of just one single platform. Get it tested on all the spots where it will be seen until you are satisfied with the way it looks.


12-13_LMK_Logo-Design-Trends_Blog-Imagery_Hero-800x358Just like clothing, hairstyle, and lifestyle, logo design to go through trends over the time. If you take a glimpse of the fashion in the design world you will get to know about the design trends that have been frequently used over a certain period of time. For example, in the 90s almost every second logo used to be in swoosh style. Currently, geometric minimal logo design can be seen using frequently. It is great to add a tad of ongoing trend in your redesign but preferably you should avoid being too trendy as trends and fads are most likely to get faded after a particular period of time. Be very cautious with the redesign process as if you get too trendy you may end up getting your brand image deteriorated.


If your company’s ideology has been changed recently or it has been experiencing a change in its structure, then this is the time to come up with a rebranding strategy. It would not be wrong to say that among all the reasons this one is the most important situation in which you must opt for a logo redesign without any further ado. Your new logo should be the mirror image of your new branding and must be able to depict the ideology that you have adopted. And your logo must be able to speak through the transformation that your company has experienced. Unlike other situations that we have discussed earlier, in this scenario, you can provide a 360-degree transformation to your logo design.

In conclusion, a logo redesign is a process that takes a lot of research, commitment, and expertise. Make sure you do not get carried away with the process of design without the study might take a toll on your brand identity. Take all the above points into consideration before initiating your process and try to go for a redesign only when it is needed and required.




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