Impact of Social Media on Logo Designs

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May 7, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

Be it fashion, lifestyle or socializing, social media has brought radical changes in almost every area of our life. By the same token, following the boom of social media and smartphones, the way logos are designed also taken a major leap. Now logos are being designed and redesigned by keeping the new scenarios in mind. For instance, instead of making larger than life logos, designers are now focusing on creating possibly minimalist as well as adaptable logos. This blog is going to shed light on how this paradigm shift has been making a significant impact on a designer’s approach to logo design.

Super Small Logo Designs:

Long gone are the days when logos used to be bigger and full of details. Now every designer strives to create a versatile professional logo design that can be adapted as per the need and requirement. Prior the boom of social media, the 50mm used to be the standard logo size, however, in the modern era, a logo is designed by making sure that it should be instantly recognizable at the tiniest scale, i.e. 8mm. Aside from social media, logos are being designed to get fit in on various platforms no matter digital or physical.

Most of the businesses have changed their previously complicated logos to the simpler one. One the main reasons behind most of the logo redesigned have always been getting them fit into the social media needs. Let’s take Walt’s Disney’s logo as an illustration, to make the whole picture clear.


The very first logo shown in the picture was full of complexities, however, with the passage of time the brand adopted a minimalist approach. The logo redesigned worked for them, as by the time they got it altered, they had built their recognition in the market. The new Disney’s logo is perfect to get accommodated as the profile picture of various social media networks.

Adaptable Logo Designs:

Social media audience is entirely different from those that brands had to communicate with, a decade ago. Now the people are more drawn towards the ideas and things which are explained by using visual cues. Logos are considered one of the best graphics, that can be used to shape people’s decision and perceptions by using impactful visual cues. In modern days, logos are not meant to be rigid. Instead, they are continually being altered temporarily in order to indicate and illustrate the topics, ideas and situations.

Logos are being adapted to raise awareness regarding social and political issues taking place globally or locally. These types of logo alterations are named as “Logo systems”, and they are typically designed as a framework while keeping core elements identifiable.

ef73b47f194359fb18fa94b677b89270Hillary Clinton’s logo has been changed many times, through which she was able to draw people’s attention towards any topic with the help of compact and straightforward imagery. The phenomenon has been made possible just after the rise of social media and the most exciting part is that people too were welcome to make changes to design for the topics that matter a lot to them.

Instant Feedback:

One of the most distinctive characteristics of social media which makes it unique as compared to the traditional media is; here you can put your opinion on display instantly. Whenever a company, especially the bigger one, comes up with a logo design or redesign, they have to deal with a stream of opinions. No matter if the person is designer or non-designer, every man and his pet has something to say about the design and designer’s approach.

This filter-less instantaneous feedback has been putting a lot of pressure on the designers lately. Given that, designers are unable to create the logo designs with a free mind, resulting to which their creativity is getting affected. Now they are more focused on coming up with a design that people will be approving, instead of designing the right and appropriate one. This factor can be counted as one of the drawbacks of social media for the design industry.

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