Lessons to Learn From Top 2 Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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July 31, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor

The power of social media cannot be neglected regarding its ability to reach the masses and create meaningful connections with its audience. Many of the renowned companies and industries have narrated their business idea using the platform of social media. Some were able to achieve extraordinary results and hence created an everlasting impact.

In this blog, we have highlighted 7 of the most influential social media marketing campaigns and the lessons it teaches regarding the efficient use of this medium to drive profitable business results.

Dove #SpeakBeautiful

dove-speak-beautiful-hed-2016The brand launched a campaign encouraging women to talk openly about their body issues and insecurities to boost self-confidence. Dove used the technique of cause based marketing to appeal to not only to its customers but also to change the norm and common perception of standardised beauty.

This, in turn, created a sense of realisation amongst the viewers that beauty, in fact, is not bound by certain criteria and can come in different shape, sizes and ethnicities. The brand believed that looking and feeling beautiful was something that should be celebrated and embraced by all instead of being restricted to a few exclusive clique.

Lesson Learned

Dove campaign aimed at empowering women and changing the culture of advertising by challenging beauty stereotype.  The brand has sought an in depth analysis of consumer insights, understanding their problems, challenges and fears. The idea resonated well with the target audience who were able to relate to the message and hence responded favourably. Any idea that directly connects with its users automatically gains attention and in turn adds value to the reputation of the business.

 Coca Cola ‘Share a Coke’

cokwww By using a personalised Coca-Cola bottle, the brand tried to engage its consumers on an emotional level. It was a form of self-expression to convey your love for family, friends and loved ones. With a name imprinted on the bottle, the beverage was used as a gift that symbolised love, happiness and celebration. Coca-Cola sublime idea was integrated so well across social media channels that it no longer looked like brand promotion.

As a result of this campaign, the brand achieved a 7% increase in their sales and earned a total of 18 million media impressions where the traffic on their Facebook page increased by 870%. The page likes also gained a 39% increase and was regarded as one of the most successful campaigns conducted by Coca-Cola over the last five years.

 Lesson Learned

The main secret behind the success of this campaign was how the brand connected with its consumers on a personal level. It teaches us how personalization can go a long way in generating effective results. The simple concept of printing your name with the Coca-Cola logo design sparked a frenzy across the world, making them feel special and valued.

The power of social media marketing was used to its full potential by encouraging the consumers to spread the word about the campaign using the hashtag #shareacoke. The results were phenomenal, and more than 500,000 photos were shared. By relying on the consumers to drive the campaign, Coca-Cola taught the great social media marketing lesson that the customer is the King. If the customer is satisfied, the endorsement will come automatically.



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