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July 25, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor

Being a prominent logo design company, we have seen numerous shifts in design trends emerging from the changing market demands and industry requirements. This year, the logo trends have somewhat taken a new approach in communicating a business message and are hence changing the design landscape.

We researched some of the logo trends that are becoming the talk of the town and the impact it will create in the design world in this and the following years to come.

Hand Drawn


Call it old school, but this logo trend is rapidly gaining popularity with the new and enhanced layout and style. A hand drawn logo is designed to give a sketched look with free style drawing and illustrations. However, the design is pixel perfect, giving a whimsical and fresh feel.

This kind of logo design is most commonly used by small business owners to add a personal touch to their branding elements. Hand drawn logo design has the greatest quality of having an authentic appeal that can draw a customer’s attention due to its simplicity and creativeness.

Pasta Bends


In the age of virtual reality, every industry is attempting to add a 3D perspective to their logo designs. A pasta bend is the new age trend that has the potential to change a customer’s perspective of viewing a design entirely. With the twists and bends, it delivers a visual message that is strong enough to allure the viewer.

Conversely, this design must be able to match a client’s brand image to be effective. Pasta Bend is crafted in a complicated procedure and should, therefore, be tested for compatibility with the brand. A logo designer must be careful and conduct thorough brand research before following this logo trend.

Line Art


Line Artwork involves drawing of distinct or straight lines without gradations or color to represent an object in two dimensional or three-dimensional form. Logo design with a line art became popular with the rise of minimal designs. It reduces any complexity and confusion with a simple artwork that highlights the main message.

The important thing that a logo designer must consider here is selecting a suitable font that is compatible with overall design layout, and the image is easily noticeable. For companies looking for a custom logo design, line art is a good option to choose from the logo trends this year.

 Geometric Design


Even though this trend has prevailed for the past few years, yet it still manages to maintain its relevancy in 2017. By making use of different geometrical shapes and designs, logos can be created in various forms. Minimalism is also important to follow here with an appropriate pairing of fonts and shape. A designer may also creatively design the initials of brand names with the use of circles, polygons, ellipses to enhance the look and feel of the design.

Color Simplification


A wise selection of colors is necessary to maintain the integrity of the brand. The right choice of colors can make all the difference. In fact, logo designers should study the color choices, understand their background and psychology to come up with 1-2 colors for the brand. The use of minimal colors makes the logo look more professional and sophisticated.

In 2017, as new businesses will emerge and the demand for better and improved design will rise, these tricks will come in handy for all kinds of logo artists. However, it must be remembered that design trends change every year and are replaced by newer and better ones. Nevertheless, the idea behind its formation remains the same: to create a memorable, everlasting impression on its customer with a meaningful message that remains valuable throughout the years.




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