What Makes a Great Website?

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August 3, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor

For a website to stand out, it must be able to make the end-user comfortable with its interface and overall layout. Most of the times website designers are focusing on the back end development and functionality that the front end design gets neglected.

The quality of a great website is the way it makes subtle changes to highlight the valuable features. It ensures that you pay attention and act as required. A great website does not need to communicate a message explicitly, in fact, it has the power to mold the user’s perception.  What more should you know about developing a great website? Let’s find out

Make Websites Great Again

As the trend of ready to make website templates is growing, websites development has become more of a mass production process. Many in search of a quick and affordable solution are ready to make a compromise on quality. As a result of all the mixture and combination from different sources, the design formulated in the end carries no uniqueness of its own.

Instead of designing a website from scratch, everything gets customized. Even though there is no doubt that customization at times provides greater ease for projects with a tight deadline but still greatly affects the quality of work. Unless you are broke and have the least concern about design principles and its implementation, in which case your web designer can sell you a hideously designed one-page website and you will never get to know the difference.

As a professional design agency, we believe that a web design compromised due to the inability of a client to pay a specific amount is like depriving them of their basic right. Sure you can charge them extra for their exceeding requirement and repeated design changes but delivering them a low-quality design because of the kind of price package they choose is not an approach we follow.

Our Verdict

It is better to specify the requirements of your website in detail to a professional web design agency that will assign a dedicated resource exclusively to handle your project than trust an amateur for the task. Websites are part of a professional business identity and hence missing to create an impactful impression can create a nuisance for you in the future.



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