Things Your Business Misses By Not Having a Website

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July 20, 2017 By Craftive Studio Editor

Long gone are the days when a physical business presence was enough to create brand awareness and attract potential customers towards your product. However, with the advent of the internet and specifically smartphone devices, the scenario has completely changed. Not only maintaining a strong online presence for businesses has become imperative but a dedicated website is an absolute necessity for companies to survive the market competition.

It is all about the Money

There are currently over 3 Billion people in this world that have an Internet access and are actively participating in this medium. Failing to reach out to your customers through this platform can greatly hurt your business sales. A customized website design can connect you with an audience that you would normally find hard to reach with your conventional methods. Brick and mortar business with a retail store can especially benefit from this technique by getting an online e-commerce store developed. In this way, they get greater opportunities to promote their products to a wide range of people and make profits by a good margin.

Trust & Loyalty

Even if the website is not able to generate sales, it adds a credibility that can help to gain a customer’s trust and eventually earn their loyalty. The reason behind this overwhelming response is because a website gets to serve your customers continuously around the clock without the need of a salesperson. It vivaciously entertains your audience by providing them with all the necessary details required to make the right decision. A website is a way to forge a personal connection with the customers that can go on to build a long lasting relationship.

Local Presence

Most small to medium sized companies have the misconception that since their brand caters to local clientele, therefore anyone wishing to access them can reach to their store across the street. Lauren McCabe who is a consultant for a small business is one such example where she believes that her business operates on word-of-mouth marketing and with a decent flow of customers, she does not feel the need to grow and expand.

What such people fail to realize that a website can give you the edge against your competitors and secure you the position of retaining your old customers if not attracting new ones. Besides, word of mouth marketing has a lack of message control that can send out customer experience unfiltered that can be good or really bad, often leading to tarnishing your brand reputation.

 Missed Business Goals & Targets

Regardless of how spectacular your brand idea is, it is not going to work or reach to its full potential without being communicated to its right audience. With a well-written content and colorful illustrations, you can narrate your business story and instill a favorable perception about your brand. A consumer will then be able to relate with your ideology and share the same values that form the essential part of your entire business.



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