Top 7 Things that Search Engines Hate

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February 6, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

Imagine you have entered a website which looks aesthetically pleasing, the thought out fonts, eye-catching images and overall carefully crafted web design is presenting it as a virtual wonder. But then comes the reality check, what if your search engine is not interested in this arts and crafts and gimmicky designs?

To begin with, the best websites are designed not only for users but also for the search engines. It means that web Functionality should not be compromised due to its beauty. Unfortunately, many web designers are unaware of the search engine’s requirements thus they keep building websites that are good enough to hold the visitor’s attention but at the same times fails to gain high search engine rankings. You can overcome this hurdle by understanding the nature of search engine optimization and most importantly by knowing about the things that search engines loathe.

Large Images:


Not to mention that beautiful imagery indeed makes your site look appealing and engaging. It’s a great tactic to hold the visitor’s attention and keep them hooked on your web page. On the contrary, large images are not considered as a good feature in terms of search engine optimization. Including, large and heavy images could also have a negative impact on your website loading time. The heavier your image is the more it takes for your website to get loaded.

Ambiguous Site Structures:


Search engine crawlers hate such websites that do not provide easy navigation feature. As a matter of fact, almost everything on your website, be it content or URL is somehow affected by its navigation. The crawlers always look for websites that have clear site structures and easy-to-browse paths. Same goes for the visitors if they are unable to find what they are looking for, they are most likely to click elsewhere.

Too Much Flash:

flash3Imagine that search engine crawlers enter your website looking for the keywords that you have inserted in to lure them, conversely, instead of getting desired material, they ended up having a confusing introduction with flash information. Too much flash and animation are not ideal for search engines as they always look for the site that loads quickly. Try to avoid using flash or if there is a dire need to have it, then always consider having two URLs; one should be for your website and other should be your flash information respectively.

Text Within the Image:

Most of the web designers insert text into an image which is of no use by the search engine crawlers as they are unable to read it. Keep the fact in mind that unlike human search engine cannot see the text designed within an image. Instead, you should include a text layer over the image. Otherwise, it would be equivalent to not having text at all.

Duplicate Content:


Many website admins consider the entire web’s content as their own, thus instead of wasting their precious time on writing unique content the only thing they do to fill their blog tab is “copy-pasting” and voila their blog is all done. Let us break this news to such admins that they cannot make search engines fool with this trick. Search engines are cleverer than they think and at the same time, they are smart enough to catch and penalize such copycats.

Thin Content:


There is a great difference between being minimalist and relying on thin content. If you have eliminated product/service pages from your website, then you have definitely confused thin content with minimal content. Do not skip essential pages and content as the keyword related to these pages can fetch you a great amount of traffic.

No H1 Tag:

Knowing the fact that H1 Tag is among one of the important elements in SEO, missing it out can be indeed a horrendous offense committed against your web ranking. In negligence most of the time web developers do not pay attention to add an H1 tag on the page, even so, it is the first crucial element that crawlers look at to identify that what this web page is all about. Do not miss an H1 tag especially on your home page.






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