The Ultimate Guide to Build a Strong Brand Identity

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January 29, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

Every single person in this world has got a unique identity which shapes their persona and defines their traits. Just like this, your brand identity is that unique feature of your brand which sets you apart from others. But, right before building a specific identity for your brand, one thing you should be clear about is “the self-knowledge”. Once you have a clear path before you that where you stand as a brand, you are good to go to formulate a tangible brand identity.

Ask Yourself:

question-mark-2110767_960_720_800x500Take a moment right before crafting your brand identity and ask yourself a few questions.

What is your brand’s vision?

Why did you start this business?

What are your core values?

What would be your brand’s voice?

What would be your brand’s style?

All the above elements define your brand, once you have acquired the most appropriate answer to all these questions, you are all set to build a strong and effective brand identity.

Develop your Brand Design:

Your corporate colors and logo do not define your complete brand design. Brand design covers a lot more aspects than you think. In other words, they are just like the building blocks of your brand identity. You need to make sure that you have assembled all these blocks in the way they are expected to be. Following are the elements of your brand design:


Typography_800x500Typography refers to the font style you choose for your brand identity. But they cannot be chosen randomly. A thorough research and profound knowledge is required to finalize a font style for a particular brand, otherwise, the entire brand identity would get doomed.

Corporate Colors:

color-palette-order_800x500Similar to the typography, corporate colors cannot be picked up erratically. There are various factors which should be considered while deciding the color scheme for your brand. For instance, the psychological ties of your target audience should be taken into consideration before finalizing your brand’s color palette.

Form/shape: This detail might seem a very insignificant to those who are unaware of the power of brand design. The deliberately crafted form/shape is expected to evoke a certain reaction in your customer. For instance, the logo which has sharp edges will inspire a different reaction as compared to the one that is all circle.

Design your Brand Identity:

Once you have figured out all the elements that we have discussed above, you are all set to initiate the process of designing your brand identity. The time has arrived to work with a designer, so hire the best who you think is skilled enough to bring your brand identity to life.

Elements of Brand Identity:

The elements of brand identity include:


Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svg__800x500your logo design is considered as the heart and soul of your brand’s identity. It communicates your brand message in the most creative and precise way possible. So be vigilant while choosing the final render of your logo. Make sure it is able to depict your brand’s persona by making a lasting impression on your target audience.


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Your website is just like the nucleus of your online presence. It is the spot where you want to drive all your traffic which you have acquired from multiple spots. In order to fulfill the purpose,  your website design should be very carefully crafted. The each and every element should be able to depict your core essence to the audience. At the same time, it should be designed to provide best user experience to your visitors.

Business Cards:

HEAD-Best-iOS-apps-for-business-card-scanning-1_800x500No matter what sort of business you have been running, one stationery item that you must have stocked up are your business cards. Keep the design of your business card simple yet appealing. Do not try to stuff the text to the brim and try to keep it as readable as possible.

Email Design: Most of the people tend to ignore promotional E-mails even if they have subscribed to your service. So, the need is to keep your E-mail format simple and readable. It should be designed to grab the attention in the first glance. If you want to just connect with the readers: keep it short while if you want to educate them: keep it scannable with a few images.

If you want to see your brand standing out from the crowd, then you have got to take all requisite steps to nail your brand identity. Once a robust brand identity has been built, only then your brand will be perceived by the audience as you expected it to be.



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