How to Visually Enhance your Social Media Posts

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June 29, 2018 By Craftive Studio Editor

In this technologically swift era, social media has become one of the most effective and powerful platforms to get your brand noticed. Needless to say, visual contents rule on a majority of social media sites. People are more likely to scroll down without even noticing your social media graphic if you haven’t executed all the required elements expertly. Hence, getting your content notice is not as easy as it sounds. You need to consider all the nitty-gritty of visual design that is required to be there in your social media post.

Consistent Use of Brand Colors:


The power of social media is undeniable, utilizing visual cues appropriately you could convey the mood and message you want to deliver without even putting a lot of effort. The need here is to use every element in a perfect ratio, not too less not too more. By combining colour psychology with the branding, you could come up with the simple yet effective and impactful graphics that can easily click through the mind of the user without even making them realize. Choose your color palette by keeping your brand colors and primary color scheme in mind, this way you could subtly depict your brand image through your social media graphics.

Appropriate Fonts:

Fonts are one of the most powerful ways in which you could deliver your brand message effortlessly. You cannot pick up a font just so you like it or you want to use them, in fact, fonts are thoughtfully picked considering the brand persona. The font you are using must be able to depict the personality and character of your brand otherwise they could not create an impression no matter how fancy one you have chosen.

Copy Space is Essential:

Copy area is the empty space on your image on which you place the inner caption of your post.  The text should always be placed on the clear empty space otherwise your image will appear as clustered and unappealing. Choose your images wisely if you are picking from the stock site/ Make sure they can be easily enlarged and cropped, this way you will get more room to accommodate text without making it look awkward.

The positioning of Logo:

If you are creating original content for your social media page, then your logo must be there in the post. Your logo design helps to get your brand identified whenever your posts show up on the feed. Be very careful about the size and positioning of the logo in your graphic. Keep the size of your logo consistent across all your graphics. It would be better to create a footer with the logo integrated.

Use Filters:


By using filters on your social media graphics, you could give a unique look to your posts. Especially for Instagram when you use filters, it really brightens up your images and brings out the overall feel of the graphic. Filters enhance your design and make them look visually appealing.

Hashtag Campaigns:


Hashtags campaigns are considered one of the most effective ways to market your brand on social media. You can create social media campaign around popular hashtags, or you could totally formulate your own tailored hashtag. Hashtags are the fantastic tool to gain followers other than that they are also used to encourage the conversation on a particular topic.

Social media bestows you with a variety of options using which you could smartly market your brand across multiple platforms. It not only gives you a chance to enhance your brand image but also helps you reach to a broader audience which you cannot approach using other ways of marketing.

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